Alabama Senator Jim McClendon to introduce rival lottery bill including electronic lottery terminals at dog tracks

Alabama is one of the six states in the nation to not have a state lottery and Govคำพูดจาก สล็อต777. Robert Bentley is looking to change that by introducing a new bill in legislation which pushes for the state lottery to be legalized. The Governor is expected to introduce the new bill on August 15 to the legislature and would require three fifth of the legislation to vote in favor of the bill.

Gov. Bentley had asked Sen. Jim McClendon, R-Springville to prepare the regulation for the new bill and made it clear that he only wants the lottery approved and was not looking to introduce any other forms of gambling. However Sen. McClendon has decided to prepare a second rival bill after t…

Pentland’s Endura commits to planting 1 million trees

The project is already under way in Mozambique, where the local community is planting mangroves – water-thriving trees that are thought to absorb large quantities of carbon. A further 80,000 birch trees are also being planted closer to Endura’s home in Scotland.The promise is one of several ways in which Endura aims to be a positive driver of change. Its cycling kit has been free of PFCs (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals which are harmful to the environment) since 2018. It also offers a repair service to encourage customers to extend the life of their clothes, and 1% of its profit goes to charitable causes. But the company admitted there is still a lot of work to be done.

“The reality of our brand’s environmental impact lies in three main areas,” said Pamela Barclay, …

I Couldn’t Zip up My Jeans Until I Put on This Magical Amazon Bodysuit

E! Illustration/ Photos Courtesy of SHAPERX

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We've all experienced the frustration of trying to put on jeans that won't zip up. It's a bummer when I'm in a rush to get out the door or if it's my favorite, go-to pair of jeans that won't zip. There have been times when I tried on my outfit ahead of time with no issue only to struggle with the zipper a day or two later. That's why there's no shame in my shapewear game. Why not wear a smoothing undergarment if it&#…

America’s Semiconductor Shortage Is Wreaking Havoc on Our Lives. Can We Fix It-

“The only operators are the ones in the ceiling,” says Chris Belfi, wrapped up in a Tyvek bunny suit, tinted yellow under the photo-safe lights. The robots rush by on overhead tracks, blinking and whirring. Every few seconds, one pauses above a giant machine. Out of its laundry-basket-size belly, a plastic box drops on thin wires, like Tom Cruise in a catsuit. It holds precious cargo: up to 25 shiny silicon wafers, each the size of a 12-in. pizza. The process of transforming them into tiny computer brains—call them microchips, semiconductors or just chips—takes nearly three months. “I use an analogy like baking a cake,” says Belfi, an automation engineer at chipmaker GlobalFoundries. “The only difference is our cake is about 66 layers.”